Technical Information

The SafeLane Crash Barrier System has been designed with safety in mind. It utilises a unique interlocking mechanism which retains the barrier and track configuration.






After user impact trials using many different materials and consulting with experts in the field of plastics, we have chosen polyethylene for our crash barriers. The inherent qualities allow enough deformation on impact but will retain it's original shape after impact. Polyethylene has a high impact resistance and is known to be extremely resistant to cracking, breaking and is durable in all climates. This in turn has made polyethylene crash barriers the number one choice in motorsport, with approval by the FIA, CSA and other motorcycling organisations for larger barrier types.
  The Indy Racing League (IRL) in the USA has been funding a program called the Polyethylene Energy Dissipation System (PEDS), which in essence is a barrier replacement for tyres or concrete and has already been installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track.


The SafeLane Safety Barrier System has many flexible applications owing to it's modular construction. Each barrier segment weighs 11Kg, making them very portable but should the neccessity arise they can be filled with sand or water to add ballast. This can be done either individually, ie 1 in 5, or all along the chain. The filling hole also doubles up as an overflow system allowing water to escape when the segment is full, should a major impact arise, thus reducing the strength of the impact to the driver or rider.
  Another unique feature is that the barrier has been designed to allow 20 of movement then disperses the impact to the next barrier in the chain and so on until the energy from the impact is completely dissipated.
  Unlike conventional tyre construction barriers, our system is designed to slow you down gradually and safely and not pull you into the barrier. This has been achieved by the use of materials and design, a point which was paramount from our users.

Design and Detail

The design of the SafeLane system has taken safety as it's paramount specification. All edges in the natural flow have been rounded, reducing the risk of injury from impact to a minimum. The polyethylene material has been used throughout the product, no metal used at all.
  We have chosen a manufacturing method which allows the barrier to be moulded in one complete piece and have no joints to hinder safety. The overall dimensions of each barrier have been designed to give you a true 1m of protection.



The SafeLane Safety Barrier's unique interlocking mechanism which allows for quick and easy changes to track configurations.